A little girl becomes the subject of admiration from a bizarre scientist who is awaiting the arrival of the ancient supernatural creature known only as the Moonchild.

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A home video simply labeled with a date of August 25, 1978 showcases a gruesome event.

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A Prayer for Mac

A young woman recounts a horrible day to a detective involving an abrupt mugging as she was dealing with the loss of her beloved dog, Mac.

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Time is a Thief

A remorseful kleptomaniac becomes the target of a mysterious wandering man who is looking to unburden himself from an age-old curse.

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The Jar

An unhappily married couple find a strange jar in their new home, leading to good fortunes, increased popularity, and a quick descent into madness.

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My House...

Told from the perspective of a monster invading a home to protect his "love," his dreams are jeopardized with the arrival of the home's owner.

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The Finale

A magician is arrested over the disappearance of a district attorney's wife.

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Spawn 3: Eggs of Aquarius

Jaxon Hill (with an X) must save his fiancé, whom he proposed to the night before, by passing through a portal that can only be opened with the three keys; eggs given to him by the three guardians.

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Two brothers endure a horrifying evening after a monster from a classic monster movie manifests itself in their home.

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