Filmed in Utah is now Film Buzz

September 11, 2013

Filmed in Utah, the brainchild of filmmaker Warren Workman who wanted to promote the works of films shot throughout the state is getting rebranded and will now be known as Film Buzz.

The name change comes 2 years after the launch of Filmed in Utah and is necessary in order to reach a broader audience. The move will allow Workman and former Filmed in Utah crew to not just promote the films made within the state, but also on the films that are brought to Utah film festivals year round.


The Filmed in Utah Awards will operate under its original name and will continue to honor films made in Utah as it heads into its third year.


Film Buzz episodes will begin airing as Filmed in Utah's third season kicks off in a few weeks. For more information and to gain inside access to indie films, visit Film Buzz.