Ready to Believe: The Kelly Gunther Story

September 16, 2013

A new documentary pitch has been released exploring the hardships of speed skater Kelly Gunther and her attempts to tell her story. The pitch and the subsequent full length feature documentary of Ready to Believe: The Kelly Gunther Story is by Utah filmmaker Joylynne Chrislan.

The released short form documentary runs just under 5 minutes and focuses on only one part of Kelly Gunther's struggles to compete in the Olympics, having suffered a traumatic accident that can only be seen to believe... and for a warning, the doc does feature some pretty shocking, graphic images.

Kelly Gunther, a 26 year old long track speed skater put her life on hold to chase an Olympic dream and lives by a motto to inspire and encourage others on what can be accomplished. She is currently raising money to support her dream of becoming an Olympian and representing the United States of America. Funds raised through her campaign will help her achieve this goal and her story will continue to be told by filmmaker Joylynne Chrislan.

To pledge your support for Kelly Gunther, please visit and donate to her Rally Me Campaign. The short documentary can be viewed below.