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Frank has it in mind to find the perfect woman. To decide what he really needs in a mate, he may just need to have a little honest heart-to-heart with himself first.

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Last Harvest

A man with a deadly curse makes a desperate attempt to get it removed, but if not done right it just might end up...deadly-er?

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The Marriage Magician

A couple on the brink of divorce learn of an amazing new product. Could it work for them too?

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Another Day

Gary and Atheleen spend another day together despite the looming specter of cancer.

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For Jewel

Online predators abound! People are not always what they seem when online predators surf for victims.

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As our adventurers exit the cavern of Tos Ulnoth; Lord Of Decay, Dementor Of Souls, the world can breath easier knowing that there is still plenty of Twinkies and Pepsi for all!


Somewhere Tropical

3 brothers rally after the death of their mother.

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Post Parcel

A parcel from father to daughter arrives after his death and the gift inside is imbued with 2 wishes...but what happens when she wishes the unthinkable?

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