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Serum X

Serum X has "B" movie....okay maybe "C" movie drive-in zombie flick written all over it.

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REUE is the story of 2 American soldiers lost in enemy territory after an ambush. After taking one of the enemy hostage they soon realize they are not too different.

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The story of two dude's just looking for a bite to eat and a quick means of travel.



Made for the X96 Radio From Hell Film Festival 2011.

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Amendment was a short horror film made in under 36 hours for the Salty Horror Film Festival's Demon Chaser Challenge.

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Twenty two years after a horrible summer where five kids had to fight a monster which dwelled in an abandoned mine and fed on children........It's back. After so many years of thinking they had ended the evil that lurked below Shelly's world comes crashing down when her own daughter disappears. Reuniting the group from her youth they reclaim their secret weapons and attempt to kill the creature only know as IT......or Pennywise.......for good.


Best Makeup

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