New Films added to UFN

September 12, 2013

Over the past couple of days, three new Utah films have been added to the Utah Film Network including films from New Ogden Cinema, White Crow Films, and Red Giant Productions.

Two of the recent releases had the honor of premiering or screening at the Salt Lake Comic Con that took place the first weekend of September, while the third film was released online mid September 2013. Recently added films have also been highlighted on the main page of Utah Film Network.

Most recently released is the New Ogden Cinema short film Look Who's Talking, a dark comedy from Ryan McDonald. The film stars Orion Hansen and Dawn Allen with a total runtime of 5 minutes.
Screening at the Salt Lake Comic Con was Wingmen from Red Giant Productions starring Jared Leo Lynton, Joshua Larsen, and Amy Morgan Davis. The film runs just over 20 minutes. Red Giant is also the latest production company added to the network.
Premiering and made exclusively for the Salt Lake Comic Con is White Crow Films' Fire Witch from director Yelena Baykova. The film boasts an all star cast featuring Blake Webb, Kabrina Miller, Sally Neilson, Tom Post, Mike Hardy, Paul Shpakov, Glenn Gregory, Trevor Hawkes, Jason Wixom, Bryan Wynne, Ken Applegate, Evan Peyton, and Ryan Templeman.


More films will continue to be added so check back often for future updates. A variety of new horror films will be added within the next coming weeks as part of the Demon Chaser Film Challenge taking place in October.